Modular and Versatile Design: An Ideal Solution for Research

openQCM Wi2 modular and versatile design makes it an ideal solution for customization and specific applications in gas and liquid sensing. The mechanical design incorporates pogo pin connector and fine regulation of o-ring pressure, which minimizes mechanical stress on the quartz crystal, thereby reducing frequency drift and additional noise.

Enhancing Scientific Instruments with customizable Add-on Modules
key features of the openQCM Wi2 include easy integration of additional modules, allowing the instrument to be tailored to various applications. These features also facilitate seamless upgrades and enhancements, keeping the openQCM Wi2 at the forefront of QCM Quartz Crystal Microbalance technology.

Quartz Crystal Microbalance Sensor module

  • Pogo-pin connector for quartz sensor electrical contacts
  • Fine regulation of o-ring pressure
  • Micrometric height adjustment mechanism for the measurement chamber
  • Magnetic backreaction on sealing
  • Compatible materials with most substances
  • Hosting quartz sensors with different frequencies, typical values are 5 MHz and 10 MHz
  • Integrated temperature sensor

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