More space for your developments

As with the openQCM Q-1, the openQCM Wi2 has been also designed with modularity in mind. Our idea is based on the assumption that it is much more efficient to have the possibility of using a single fluid module for all devices. The case of the main module is a perfect fitting of the electronics inside it. In addition, space has been provided to accommodate the optional Wi-Fi module or an extension PCB board that the researcher could design himself.

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One cell for all devices And SENSORS

The new openQCM fluidic cell module was born after more than three years of confrontation with the scientific community and is the synthesis of the most important needs we have experienced:

  • – pogo-pin sensor contacts; 
  • – multi quartz dimension compatibility;
  • – multi-frequency housing compatibility;
  • – fine regulation of O-ring; pressure;
  • – Integrated temperature sensor;
  • – magnetic backreaction to sealing;