The open Source QCM with temperature Control and multiple overtones measurement

openQCMNEXT is the advanced Quartz Crystal Microbalance with dissipation monitoring, active temperature control and the capability to acquire multiple overtones simultaneously.
The instrument design is completely re-engineered, by using new materials which take into account the chemical compatibility with most of the samples.

Quartz Crystal Micobalance

openQCM Next is a real-time analytical instrument based on a surface sensitive technology capable of monitoring phenomena at molecular scale.
openQCM Next is sensitive to mass and viscoelastic changes on quartz crystal surface

Multiple Overtones

openQCM NEXT uses simultaneous multiple overtones measurement, monitoring frequency and dissipation up to the 9th overtone in less than 1 sec.

DDS sweep technology

openQCM Next measures frequency and dissipation using a scalar network analyzer electronic interface. AD9851 DDS/DAC frequency synthesiser generates a sine wave in a frequency range between from 0 to 60 MHz, output signal is read by AD8302 gain and phase detector.

Built-in Temperature Control

openQCM Next has an active temperature control, using Peltier module integrated in the sensor module. The bi-directional temperature control has a range from 15 °C to 45 °C, with an accuracy 0.1° C.


Fludic Module

A re-engineered sensor module, designed with materials enhancing the thermal performances and chemical compatibility.

Multi frequency compatibility

The openQCM Next fluidic module is able to host quartz with different frequencies. A new - designed quartz crystal fluidic module compatible with a wide range of sensor chips

We have kept in mind thermal performances by designing each mechanical component of openQCM NEXT from scratch

OpenQCM NEXT design is the synthesis of all feedback received from the scientific community. We have come up with a characteristic bridge design, realised with the aim of maximising the thermal dissipation and electrical interferences of the electronics.

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