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openQCM Wi2

Exploiting the power of simplicity in high accuracy scientific measurements

openQCM Wi2 is the new OSH instrument based on Quartz Crystal Microbalance.  As well as improving performance and extending the possibilities of use, Wi2 is the unique IoT scientific device using an optional ESP8266 Wi-Fi module that allows you to monitor your experiments anywhere in your lab network.

QCM, Quartz Crystal Microbalance, wireless, Wi-FI, Frequency, openQCM, Software, Resonance, sensor
QCM, Quartz Crystal Microbalance, wireless, Wi-FI, Frequency, openQCM, Software, Resonance, sensor, smartphone, tablet


openQCM Wi2  has an  integrate footprint where you can connect, via TX/RX pins, your custom  Wi-Fi  module. So you can control your experiment remotely, within your network.
Not only can you control your experiment with your smartphone or tablet, but you can also solve any problems related to the integration of your instrument in special testing conditions or otherwise unreachable environments.

One measuring cell for all devices

The new openQCM fluidic cell module was born after more than three years of confrontation with the scientific community and is the synthesis of the most important needs we have experienced:

  • – pogo-pin sensor contacts; 
  • – multi quartz dimension compatibility;
  • – multi-frequency housing compatibility;
  • – fine regulation of O-ring pressure;
  • – Integrated temperature sensor;
  • – magnetic backreaction to sealing;
Quartz crystal Microbalance, QCM, fluidic cell module, openQCM, dissipation, viscosity

An entire laboratory in one hand

Every detail has been studied to simplify the experimental activities of the researcher. Modularity, multi-sensor hosting, optional wireless connection for control of intra-network measurements. 

Increase your range of sensitivity

Thanks to its new Teensy microcontroller,  openQCM Wi2 is now capable of measuring frequencies up to 25 MHz, allowing you to use a wide range of quartz sensors with different sensitivities.

a truly scientific instrument

openQCM Wi2 is a scientific instruments simple and accurate at the same time. The device is suitable both for your first use of QCM technology and for more advanced and skilled users.

powerful microcontroller

openQCM Wi2 exploits the potentiality and simplicity of Teensy microcontoller, an arduino compatible development board equipped with a 32 bit ARM processor.

pogo-pin contacts

Pogo pin connection minimizes mechanical stress on the quartz crystal, thus minimizing frequency drift and additional noise.

Quartz Crystal Microbalance openQCM Teensy Arduino

high modularity

We re-design openQCM in order to obtain the maximum flexibility. Thanks to its modularity it would be easier to modify and implement the original features.

fully open hardware

openQCM Wi2 is an easy, flexible and open device. only openqcm gives you the opportunity to really know how your scientific instrument works.

Wi-Fi scientific instrument

You can add IoT capability to your project with ESP8266 WiFi capability the processor is an 80 MHz microcontroller with a full WiFi front-end you can use both as client and access point, a TCP/IP stack with DNS support.

multi sensor hosting

An innovative design to host different quartz frequencies and diameters. A sealing system to fine tuning the oring pressure on the quartz crystal surface

plug & play

an easy-to-use scientific tool, just plug the device to your PC and you can start the measurements.

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