The software user interface able to exploit all the functionality of openQCM NEXT

The openQCM NEXT software application is developed in Python programming language, open source, object – oriented and suited for scientific applications. Python makes the software program easy to modify and develop for custom applications.

openQCM NEXT Software Python

DOWNLOAD Python Software 0.1.5

Download the latest version of the openQCM NEXT python software version 0.1.5 developed in python programming language. You can download a stand alone executable application for Windows OS 64 bit or download the Python source-code for any  platforms.

openqcm next executable software installation and usage

openQCM Next executable software is a stand-alone version of the Python software, for Windows OS 64-bit. 
The software bundles the Python application and all its dependencies into a single package. You can run the executable software without installing a Python interpreter or any modules.

– Download the openQCM Next executable software version 0.1.5 for WIN OS 64 bit

– Unzip the archive and browse to the folder : …/openQCM_Next_py_0.1.5/

– Launch the application by double-click on the shortcut: 

Firmware Update Version 0.1.5

Firmware update is necessary for integration and compatibility with the latest version of the openQCM Next Python software version 0.1.5.

– Launch the openQCM Next Software version 0.1.5 to check the firmware compatibility.
If your openQCM Next device needs a firmware update, a pop-up window will appear at software startup
– Press Yes button to continue the firmware update procedure
– The Firmware update application will open. Press the Upload button
– Select and upload the binary file openQCM_Next_py_0.1.5_teensy.ino.TEENSY40.hex

History Changes Log version 0.1.5

Main updates:
General information: Improved the control of MTD415T TEC error status, using the error register message

– Added MTD415T TEC controller error register table.
The MTD415T has an internal 16 bit error register, which identifies the reason why the module enters in error state. More information available at paragraph 6.3 “Error Register and Safety Bitmask” of MTD415T Data Sheet Rev. 1.2
– Change the identification of the COM port connected to Teensy 4.0
using USB VID:PID=16C0:0483 VID 0 VENDOR_ID and PID = PRODUCT_ID of USB devices to identify hardware
port[2] = hwid Technical description of serial port
– Improved firmware update procedure. Launch firmware updater also from menu bar, only if a measurement is not running
– General bug fixes and optimization

Python source-code INSTALlation GUIDE

Under Contruction


Download the latest version of the openQCM NEXT firmware version 0.1.5 for Teensy 4.0 development board

Arduino-based code the easiest way to program your device

Make open science by taking advantage of one the most popular and active community for collective research. The Teensy 4.0 development board is in the heart of openQCM NEXT device and it is programmed using Arduino – based language. The main features of the microcontroller are the DDS synthesizer control, the voltage reading of the phase – gain comparator output through the ADC channels and raw data serial communication  These advanced functionalities are made easier by the use of the arduino programming language.

Contribute to openscience community development

openQCMNEXT is an open science hardware device and we encourage and support community participation in device development. openQCM NEXT source code will be availabale on github soon. join the community and contribute to the development of the openQCM NEXT python software.

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