openQCM Next Design: Mechanical Component and Material Selection for Improved Thermal Performance

OpenQCM NEXT was developed with the intention of maximizing thermal dissipation. The innovative design optimizes the device for research applications.

The design of openQCM NEXT is the result of valuable feedback gathered from the scientific community. The distinctive bridge design aims to optimize thermal dissipation and minimize electrical interferences. The sensor module has been upgraded with a custom heat sink featuring an integrated PTFE slot that houses the fluidic module. The fluidic module serves as the primary holder for the quartz sensors and it is desgined also as a multi-purpose accessory.

Heatsink Platform
The heatsink is designed to maximize electrical ad thermal performances of openQCM NEXT. Its main body effectively serves as the system heatsink. All other mechanical components are totally embedded in the main body. We have designed a PTFE slot that acts as a continuous thermal interface between the cold and hot sides of the Peltier element. All materials were carefully selected to ensure the broadest chemical compatibility with the samples to be analysed.


The fluidic module is the real core of openQCM NEXT. It consists of two metal parts: the bottom part, made of flash chrome-plated aluminum, is in direct contact with the Peltier element, and the top part is a flash chrome-plated aluminium shell with a PTFE fluidic core inside. All other materials are specifically selected to provide the widest range of chemical compatibility. The fluidic circuit is directly engraved within the top cover of the module to enhance the thermalization of the incoming fluid.

We designed various fluidic modules for specific scientific applications. For instance, the optical fluidic module incorporates a silica glass window, enabling the combination of QCM techniques with optical-spectral analyses.

The fluidic module is designed as a plug-ad-play accessory that can be easily unplugged for “out of the device” treatments, such as ultrasonic baths, thermal baking, and so forth.

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