Physical spec

Dimensions 56 x 48 x 34 mm
Weight 55 g
Case Material Polyamide


Power Supply 5VDC via USB
Power consumption < 0.3 W


Language Java
Platform Win, Mac, Linux
License GNU GPL v3.0


Connector micro USB
I/O Serial

Quartz spec

Default frequency 10 MHz
Nominal sensitivity down to 4.42 x 10 -9 g Hz-1 cm-2
Blank diameter 13.9mm
Electrode material Au, Ti substrate
Crystal cut AT-cut
Holder HC-48U
The main characteristic of OPEN approach is that it gives you the choice of reproducing the original design or to take an active part in the process to get the final product.
OpenQCM allows you to change, improve or adapt the original design according to your own needs.
The control unit is an Arduino Micro. It is equipped with firmware for which the source code can be freely downloaded and editated.
OpenQCM is ready to be used with quartz crystals in the range from 1 MHz up to 10 MHz.

It's possible to vary the sensitivity of the system according own specific purposes.
The proximity electronics controlling sensors is designed to be a perfect Arduino Micro shield.

It's an integrated circuit for the control of a wide range of resonance frequencies.
integrated temperature sensor
operating in liquid, air or vacuum
Each part is designed to make everything simple.
OpenQCM fits in a palm of your hand and weighs only 55 grams.
OpenQCM is especially suitable to operate in networks of multiple units.
The case was thought especially for 3D printing. Everyone to be able to modify it and print his own.

In this way the system possible applications only depend on the creativity and needs of the end user.
usb power and control
high stability and accuracy
The interface software source code is available to those wishing to engage to its implementation.
We offer a clear and intuitive Java interface, in order to make possible the use of openQCM with the most common operating systems (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X).