A perfect Arduino shield

The openQCM proximity electronic is designed in order to be an Arduino Micro shield.

The proximity electronic mounts a quartz crystal oscillator driver which incorporates an unbuffered inverter plus an inverter into a single device and it is optimized for crystal oscillator applications in a wide range of frequency (eg.: 1-25 MHZ). The openQCM electronics is designed to make use of the oscillator driver in a typical configuration also known as Pierce oscillator circuit.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a 10K thermistor temperature sensor in order to better monitoring the temperature dependence of the quartz crystal frequency.

The oscillator driver is optimized to work at 3.3 V supply voltage, ±24 mA output current. These working conditions ensure high frequency stability and low power consumption. Arduino Micro has a 3.3 V supply generated by the on-board regulator, maximum current draw is 50 mA. So the 3.3 V pin is well-suited to power the oscillator driver.

Two clips are embedded to ensure a simple and instantaneous electrical connection of the quartz crystal sensor.

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(*) CREDITS: Special thank to Martin Zalazar, Christian Mista and all researchers working at "Laboratorio de Prototipado Electrónico y 3D" Universidad Nacional de Entre Riós Argentina for conversion in KiCad version.

Many Thanks... openQCM Team

  • Quartz Crystal Microbalance Arduino Shield
Nominal frequency range1-25 MHz
Supply voltage+3V3
Power66 mW
T sensorThermistor (10K)