Intuitive design means: easy to open the closure sealing without having to unscrew caps or screws

The Quartz Crystal Microbalance for the openQCM project has been designed starting from the experience of our research team. For over 10 years the Novaetech team who is taking part to the openQCM project have worked in the field of research and technology aimed to the development of very sensitive mass sensor systems. The openQCM has been designed, therefore, on the base of both the results obtained by Novaetech studies up today and the requirements that we have understand are critical to the use of QCM for applications in the analytical field.

All this information linked with the user’s needs, has been developed in a multidisciplinary working group. In particular the  industrial designer Glenda Torres Guizado was involved in the design of the first openQCM model. This way of working was indispensable to give coherence to the project in all aspects such as: the concept of , the form and the functionality and the production process. Moreover each component has been designed with in mind the idea that the final system has to be really easy to assemble. It must take less than few minutes to build the system and to have it ready for use!

For the reasons above, we have designed an extremely lightweight and compact system, in which the measuring chamber is part of the whole system. This allows also the simple use, at the same time, of more than one openQCM, at a very affordable costs, in order to make parallel or serial analysis. An important improvement for standard QCM analytical possibilities. Build on the Open Source concept anyone can freely modify or redesign the basic model, adapting it, as never

before, to own specific application. 
This is one of the reasons why we believe that the best way for the production of the openQCM case is 3D printing. The potentials are limitless. 3D printed plastic openQCM guarantees nominal stability down to 0.1 Hz. However, today 3D printing is possible also for metallic materials. If, therefore, your requirements are stringent, a metal case in 3D printed will increase the electromagnetic shielding of the system. 

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