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openQCM electronic version 1.2 PCB designed using the open source KiCAD EDA software

openQCM community develops and shares the new electronic design using KiCAD

openQCM Quartz Crystal Microbalance electronic design is finally released using the free software KiCAD. Thanks to Martin Zalazar, Christian Mista and all the guys working at the Lab of electronic prototyping and 3D printing of the Universidad Nacional de Entre RĂ­os UNER – Argentina Great thanks for being an active part of the openQCM community ! Continue reading

Pierce oscillator electronic circuit quartz crystal microbalance

Enhancing openQCM Quartz Crystal Microbalance Frequency Stability and Power Consumption

Easy solution for enhancing the frequency stability and reducing the power consumption of openQCM the open source quartz crystal microbalance.

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