The measurement process involves assessing frequency, phase, and monitoring dissipation, founded on the analysis of the quartz’s Lorentzian resonance curve. The software commands the DDS synthesizer to passively excite the quartz crystal near its resonance frequencies, while concurrently obtaining amplitude raw data from the gain/phase comparator. This setup facilitates the real-time capture of the resonance curve, thereby enabling instantaneous monitoring of both frequency and dissipation.

The Teensy development board is fully compatible with Arduino programming language and environement. Take advantage of the simplicity of coding and the endless resources shared by the community for programming your scientific device. Based on FreqCount library developed by Paul Stoffregen the computing capability of the 180 MHz Cortex-M4F microcontroller allows frequencies up to 65 MHz to be measured. 


Download the comprehensive set of open-source software, firmware, and source code for your OpenQCM Q-1 device, enhancing your research experience. The open-source approach promotes collaboration by encouraging users to develop, modify, and share their code, ultimately fostering an innovative and collaborative environment.

How to install openQCM Software

Windows OS (only for not executable version)

– Download and unzip
– Download and install the latest version of Anaconda3 for Python 3.7 version Anaconda3-5.3.0 (depending on your operating system)

– open Anaconda Prompt and type commands:

conda install pyqtgraph pyserial
python -m pip install --upgrade pip
python -m pip install --upgrade h5py
pip install progressbar

– make executable and launch python application 

browse to openQCM python directory ...\openQCM_Q-1_py_v2.1\OPENQCM\ 
right click on file > open with > choose another app in this PC 
browse to Anaconda3 directory on your PC C:\Users\[your_user_name]\Anaconda3
select python.exe executable file double click on file


For windows there is a driver stand-alone installer here

for more info please read the user guide1

Download the latest manual, which provides detailed instructions for installing the software and using it effectively.

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