6 – What is the thermal properties of the openQCM hardware case ?

The openQCM hardware case is 3D-printed using Polyamide material. It is heatproof to 80°C and higher temperatures may significantly change material properties. The case material datasheet is available at this link


The window cell is made in Poly(methyl methacrylate) PMMA, Plexiglas trade name. The melting point is about 150° C, also you need to pay attention to the coefficient of thermal expansion which is roughly αV = (5–10)×10−5 K−1


The couple of O-rings in the measurement chamber is made in Silicone temperature range -60 to +200°C RS Stock No.527-9790 Brand RS Mfr. Part No.BS011 SIL70 The O-ring datasheet is available at this link